Porter, Romine and Heck, LLP

In an ongoing effort to streamline and make tax time easier for our clients,  Porter, Romine, and Heck LLP is excited to introduce a free software solution that makes it easier than ever to gather your 1040 tax documents and deliver them to us. TaxCaddy is a safe, secure, and effective method of sharing your tax information with Porter, Romine, and Heck LLP without the hassle of prior client portals, mailing or hand-delivering paper items to our office.

The benefits to using your TaxCaddy account include:

  • Uploading electronic documents
  • Taking secure photos of paper documents using the photo-scan feature
  • Retrieving 1099s, 1098s, and W-2s automatically
  • Organizing and maintaining a list of what documents are needed

Getting Started with TaxCaddy

We recommend using Chrome, but Firefox, Edge and Safari are also supported. TaxCaddy is not supported on Internet Explorer.

  1. You should have received a TaxCaddy email invite. If you haven’t received your introductory email, Click Here for an email invitation to join TaxCaddy. The email will come from NoReply@taxcaddy.com. Click the “Sign Up Free” button provided in the email invite to create your TaxCaddy account.
  2. Log into your TaxCaddy account and accept Porter, Romine, and Heck LLP’s connection request. When you accept the connection request, you are granting Porter, Romine, and Heck LLP’s permission to see your tax documents.
  3. Start using TaxCaddy. Upload any tax documents you receive throughout the year.
  4. Download the TaxCaddy mobile app. Learn how to download the mobile app Here.

If you have any questions regarding TaxCaddy

Contact our dedicated TaxCaddy Specialist: Email TaxCaddy Support.