Porter, Romine and Heck, LLP

As the Founder of Lynne Bushore & Associates, I am constantly searching for the best. The best most knowledgeable professional financial people; the best ingenious technical systems; the best most resourceful client services; the best innovative methods of communication; the best working environment and most advantageous benefits for my invaluable staff and more.

Today, I proud to announce that as part of that search for the best, I have made the decision to take advantage of a win/win opportunity that will elevate and expand my firm’s current capacities and capabilities. A highly respected Bay area group of CPAs with an existing long-term tax and accounting practice have formed Porter, Romine, and Heck LLP to join me and my team and have purchased my firm. In these difficult and stress-filled times, I am so pleased to be able to accomplish this business venture, without any abrupt change, to protect your future and mine.

Most importantly I am NOT going anywhere! I will remain an integral part of the firm acting as a full time consultant for the foreseeable future. I intend to make the transition and blending of these two solid companies, for you and your valuable business with us, as totally seamless as possible. Please be assured that the familiar and knowledgeable Lynne Bushore & Associates personnel are NOT going anywhere either! All staff is being retained, in their current roles, and all the services we provide will continue to be offered. Lynne Bushore & Associates office location, with my name on the wall, will remain the same. There will be no change in the mailing address, telephone and fax numbers.

I look forward to introducing you to the to the expanded CPA team, Mr. Jeff Porter, CPA, will be here with me in Palm Springs. Jeff began his accounting career while he was attending graduate school in 1982 in California. Jeff is very outgoing and quickly draws people to him with his positive attitude. Ms. Amy Heck, CPA, who, like me, enjoys everything about being a CPA. Amy is deeply admired in the firm for her energy, her dedication, and her strong work ethic. And, Mr. Chea Romine, CPA, who in addition to his years of tax and accounting experience, has the expertise and experience to assist business clients in strategic and tactical matters related to budget management, forecasting needs and securing new funding.

As we go forward together, we will strive to provide the personalized professional service and excellent customer care that you so deserve.